Habichuelas Rico Negras (Secas)

Las Habichuelas Rico Negras son ricas en nutrientes como la proteína, fibra, ácido fólico, vitaminas y antioxidantes así como potasio y hierro. Son empacadas en conveniente empaque tipo catedral de 1lb. y 5lb.

Valor Nutricional

  • Bajas en grasa
  • No contienen grasas saturadas, grasas trans ni colesterol
  • Buena fuente de fibra, proteína, hierro


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  1. 12 noviembre, 2015 at 3:12 am

    Good recipe!! I nicote there are may similarities with my Rice and Peas recipe I nicote that you fry the seasonings(Onions and garlic.) first In Jamaican households, we tend to firstly boil the beans,in fresh water after soaking them overnight, with just some salt to start with.. Then if we want to we add stock-Although many leave it plain, so that there isn’t a problem for vegetarians/vegans if chicken stock is used!, onions,garlic,thyme, and even allspice berries.. We use traditionally a type of beans called Gungo/Pigeon Peas, which is more in line with Puerto Ricans dish of Arroz con Gandules..There are some of us who use kidney beans and even black beans(Like Cubas Moros Y Cristianos’.) too.. I wonder for your Congri, do you add coconut milk/cream? Jamaicans never do with out that A few differences, but many similarities

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